What is The State Belt #4?

Built and arriving in July 1911, the #4 was purchased by the State run waterfront Belt Line-or switching railway. In a high point of San Francisco's industrial times, the engine and accompanying flat cars took boxcars of freight on and off the piers to the industries in San Francisco. In 1932 it was sold to a Modesto railroad but returned to the bay again in late 1930's, this time on Treasure Island, helping supply the World Fair. Escaping the scrapping of nearly all old railroad engines through the 40's and 50's, the engine made a long trip to Utah before returning to San Francisco in 1997.

The following work has been accomplished:

  • Repair of cylinders
  • Sand blasting and repairing of engine frame
  • Renewal of axle journals
  • Restoration of driving wheels
  • Casting of new running gear parts